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Success is Closer Than You Think!

An innovative program of the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation, ElevateEdAZ is taking high school education in Arizona to the next level by providing students pathways to high-wage, high-demand careers in industries such as:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Business Management
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Health Sciences
  • IT & Cybersecurity
  • Law & Public Safety
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing

Work-Based Learning

Local companies provide experiences for you and your classmates to explore career options so that you can connect what you learn in the classroom directly to potential jobs that to pursue in the future.

For example, as part of your English class, you could apply what you learn by working with a marketing firm to create social media posts for local companies to sell their product!

Examples of work-based learning include:

  • Meeting guest speakers and teachers
  • Job shadows
  • Internships
  • Field trips

Job Shadows

An exciting one-day job site visit where you will experience a “day in the life” of an employee currently working in an industry that you are interested in pursuing.

  • Explore and learn more about what it takes to gain a specific title or role in high-wage, high-demand industries
  • Learn tips from professionals about how you can prepare yourself for a job in your dream industry, including such topics as professionalism in the workplace, dress code, work ethic, and reliability
  • Build your network of industry contacts for future career opportunities!


Students will gain access to internship opportunities at top local companies where they will receive hands-on experience in their desired career field. Students who participate will be a step ahead of their peers when it comes time to enter the workforce!

  • Apply your skills in a real-world setting so that you have a head start towards securing employment
  • Create connections with employers who can open doors for future job opportunities
  • Discover your passions and learn new skills on your way to professional advancement
  • Add meaningful bullets to your resumé so that you are a step ahead when applying for jobs

What is YouScience?

If your school partners with ElevateEdAZ, you will have access to the interest and aptitude testing platform, YouScience. YouScience is a career guidance program that matches your natural abilities with your passions. The assessment is made of 11 brain games with a 60-question interest survey.

YouScience was created to help expose you to a range of career opportunities that fit your natural skills while preparing you for the future. Maybe you have the natural ability for a career in health care, but you have never experienced this pathway. YouScience exposes you to this unfamiliar pathway, ultimately helping you make new decisions benefitting your future!

Benefits of YouScience

  • Personalized career matching with in-depth information about each career (including salary, projected openings, education requirements, a day in the life, and much more).
  • Comprehensive insights about how natural abilities impact your work, school, and social life.
  • Self-advocacy language to help you think positively and communicate strengths on resumes, applications, essays, and interviews.
  • Online access to your results for 10 years.

Resources to explore after completing YouScience assessment

Find more information at

Contact a College and Career Coach today!

ElevateEdAZ College and Career Coaches are here to support you with resources for life after high school. These resources will help expose you to high-wage, high-demand, and high-skill careers. Here are the supports your College and Career can provide:
● Career Awareness and Development
● Internships
● Job Shadows
● Support in earning Industry- Recognized Credentials
● Guidance to understand early college credit options
Contact your college career coach today!

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