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Strengthen your workforce with the talent of the future!

Did you know internships help develop your future workforce and strengthen your connection with the community?! Join ElevateEdAZ in providing internships for high school students!

Why Offer Internships?

  • Attract young, highly diverse individuals into your company
  • Gain brand recognition and increase loyalty with future customers
  • Develop your future workforce with skills to succeed
  • Garner meaningful contributions from students that positively impact business productivity
  • Increase retention rates with workers who have completed internships

Aerospace, Automotive, Business Management and Administration, Construction, Engineering, Finance, Health Sciences, IT, Manufacturing, and Marketing

Business Partner Commitment

Provide between 120-240 hours of internship experience for high school students

Internship Dates: August 2023 – May 2024 (flexible start dates are available to accommodate age requirements)

Paid internships are highly preferred

Is your business ready to offer internships but unsure of liability expectations? Click the link below to be directed to information regarding student internships, working with minors, and other liability-related considerations.

Thank you to our past, present, and future Business Partners for supporting high-school internships!


Thank you Community Partners for Supporting ElevateEdAZ Internships:

ElevateEdAZ Partner Schools

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the internship need to be paid?

ElevateEdAZ encourages paid internships to promote equity of experience across students, however, organizations who are unable to provide compensation are still invited to participate. Paid internships mitigate the challenges low-income students face when deciding between a meaningful internship aligned with their studies or a paid after-school job to support their families.

What kind of work can a high school intern do?

Participating 12th graders will have completed at least 2, consecutive Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses in their program of study, giving them a base of industry knowledge.

What type of programs are offered at ElevateEdAZ Partner Schools?

ElevateEdAZ’s priority industries for internships include Aerospace, Automotive, Business Management and Administration, Construction, Engineering, Finance, Health Sciences, IT, Manufacturing, and Marketing. Additional CTE programs not covered in the list above are also available. ElevateEdAZ staff will provide you with a full list of programs matching your business priorities upon connecting with you.

What kind of support will ElevateEdAZ offer?

  • Connecting you with the appropriate school programs and personnel to coordinate the internship
  • Providing information on student skill levels to inform your internship planning
  • Matching current CTE program students with your internship experience
  • Preparing students with workplace skills and etiquette
  • Understanding liability coverage offered by partner school districts

What would a student’s work schedule look like for an internship?

Work schedules will vary based on employer needs and the student schedule. In most cases, the student will work 7 hours per week over their 18-week semester. Afternoon schedules with hours between 3 – 6 p.m. tend to be most realistic. Internships may be in-person, virtual, or hybrid.

How does onboarding work for interns?

Interns will receive support from ElevateEdAZ College and Career Coaches to ensure work-readiness prior to beginning their placement. Interns will have developed their resumes, gained interview skills, and learned about common workplace expectations. Business partners are encouraged to utilize their regular employee hiring and onboarding processes with students.

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