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Bored at home? Try these Five Skill Developing Activities!

Summertime is often filled with adventure, but there comes a time when you run out of fun ideas. This is the perfect opportunity to brainstorm activities that can help you learn a skill or keep practicing old skills. If you don’t know where to start check out the ideas below!

Create/Update your Resume

Having an updated resume ensures that you are ready to apply to jobs, scholarships, schools, and programs. If you don’t have a resume yet or would like advice to perfect your resume, check out this article by Indeed.

Read for fun

Reading is a great way to keep your mind stimulated during the summer. According to, reading helps improve your memory, expands your vocabulary, improves your analytical skills, stimulates your writing skills, among many more benefits. Check out your local library or find blogs and articles online!

Learn to write a professional email

Writing a professional email is key when applying for jobs, scholarships, schools, and programs. Email is a common form of communication throughout education and the workplace. However, email writing is a skill that is usually not taught in school but is critical to life during and after high school. This article by Indeed teaches you how to write a professional email.

Start a Personal Blog

Blogging is a great way to stay creative during the summer. It allows you to write about your personal experiences, adventures you may have, or express your ideas around a topic. Regardless of what you choose to write about, having a blog helps stimulate your mind, practice writing skills, develop communication skills, build an online portfolio, among many other benefits. Use free websites like Weebly, Wix, or WordPress to get started!

Research Careers you are Interested in

Summertime means one more year of school is approaching, which could mean your last year of high school! You are reading this just in time to research careers that you may be interested in. Check out PipelineAZ to research high demand careers, whether it is a career requiring a college degree or not, PipelineAZ helps you do that research. Find all the information you need to make a career decision including job descriptions, education needed, average salaries, skills needed, among much more!

Summer is the best time to continue developing your skills and knowledge, so get to work and let us know which activity you chose!

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