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College and Career Readiness for Your Student!

What does life after high school look like for your student? Employers are eager to support students in a big way by helping them connect high-demand and high-paying careers with what they learn in class. Linking the high school classroom with future employers has many benefits for students, including:

Making more informed decisions on college, career, or both

Networking with future employers

Gaining skills necessary to compete in the job market

Testing future careers now through internships and job shadowing

Increasing engagement in class

Applying coursework to real-world scenarios

Work-Based Learning

ElevateEdAZ will enable employers to provide Work-Based Learning experiences for your student. This type of learning allows students to explore careers while connecting what they learn in class to jobs. For example, after learning about World War 1 in History class, students can visit a technology firm and learn about a more modern type of warfare: cybersecurity!

Work-Based Learning includes:

Guest Speakers and Teachers

Field Trips

Mock interviews


Job Shadowing

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