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What is CommunityShare?

CommunityShare is a platform that seamlessly connects educators and business professionals to create real-world learning experiences, also known as work-based learning (WBL), for students. Examples of work-based learning includes: guest speakers, guest instructors, job shadows, mock interviews, internships, field trips, and more. From messaging to scheduling, CommunityShare organizes the details and ensures a positive experience for educators and businesses. Employers throughout the Greater Phoenix region and Educators from ElevateEdAZ partner districts are encouraged to sign-up today!

How it Works

Create a profile

Develop a WBL request based on classroom needs and goals

Schedule a virtual or in-person WBL experience

Complete the WBL experience

Celebrate success by sharing your impact story

High School Educators

Elevate your lessons with the inclusion of real-world experiences from leaders in your school’s community. With the collaboration of industry experts, you can broaden your lessons with engaging content and thought-provoking discussions. Students will leave your classroom equipped with opportunities to blend classroom lessons and industry recommendations, ultimately lifting their confidence.

After you create your profile, the doors of opportunities will open, ranging from job shadowing, guest instructors, internships, and more. Start by detailing the specific needs and goals of your classroom through a work-based learning request. From there, send your request to employers whose expertise best meets your needs. You can also facilitate the connection by searching for employers who are tied to your content area. Your communication with employers will be done through email and all finalized planning will be done through the platform. If you are an educator with an ElevateEdAZ partner district, use this document to prepare your profile information and sign up today!

ElevateEdAZ Partner Schools

  • Phoenix Union High School District
  • Mesa High Schools

If your district is not currently listed, please check back at a later date.  We appreciate your patience as we bring on new partners!

Business Professionals

You have the power to elevate the classroom experience with your industry knowledge and skills and inspire students to explore careers in your industry. Help teachers produce memorable lessons and ensure all students, no matter which school they attend, have opportunities to apply their learnings with real-world scenarios.

Once you create a profile, the platform allows you to control your level of engagement, be up-front with your time commitments, and express which experiences you feel comfortable offering. All communication can take place via email, allowing for more productive communication. You can either wait until an educator messages you with a request or search for educators to assist. Once a connection is made, all logistical coordination will be facilitated by the platform.

CommunityShare is ideal for small and large companies alike. Leveraging CommunityShare is easy! Make an impact by:

  • Utilizing your Volunteer Time Off (VTO) days
  • Leveraging company-wide community impact days
  • Helping educators align workforce skills with classroom learning
  • Raising student awareness of careers in your industry


The worlds of business and education are vastly different, which can sometimes cause unknowns or hesitations when it comes to educator connections. ElevateEdAZ has created a library of quick trainings to help both educators and business partners feel confident to engage with one another. Topics include professional culture and expectations, communication, and more.

How to Use CommunityShare

Occasionally domains related to the CommunityShare platform are blocked by an email filter or firewall which prevents the platform from behaving correctly.  Please view this document and take the necessary steps to ensure you will receive notifications and have full functionality.

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